You are currently viewing Human Energy Definition :It determines the 80% that you attract
Human Energy Definition:It determines the 80% you attract

Human Energy Definition :It determines the 80% that you attract

human energy definition for science is:It determines the 80% that you attract

So what is energy definition for science?

From the perspective of quantum mechanics, everything is actually a constantly vibrating energy field. The chair you sit on, and the book you hold in your hand, seem to be solid and fixed because this is how your senses perceive their vibration frequencies.
If you look at it at a more microscopic level, they are constantly vibrating by particles such as molecules, atoms, electrons, and subatoms, thus co-creating what you look like as a chair, a book, a tree, or a body. An entity that looks like the material is actually the result of energy vibrating (moving) at a certain range of frequencies.

Human Energy Definition in biology

And what we’re mainly discussing today is the energy when talking to girls, which belongs to human energy.
Everyone emits an energy field corresponding to their inner state, and most people can feel it, even if they just subconsciously feel the energy emitted by others. In other words, they don’t know that they feel it, but this feeling will greatly affect how they feel about that person and how they respond.

Human energy definition in the energy field

Before the two strangers start talking, the other person can be very aware of your energy field. However, after a while, the words begin to control the relationship, and once they talk, people will habitually begin to enter the ego. Attention will turn to the category of the mind, and the ability to feel the energy field of the other party will be greatly weakened. However, you will still feel it on an unconscious level.
This kind of energy field is also called in the Eastern system: magnetic field, aura, feng shui, temperament, and so on. The relationship between man and the world is the relationship between the energy field and the world. The so-called external factors that we cannot control are actually the result of the energy field and the outside world.

Human energy definition of thinking energy / thought energy

The energy that we mainly talk about in the study of attraction is produced by emotions and thinking, which are human thoughts. (Of course, food is also a kind of energy. The essence of all tangible or intangible material information interaction is the interaction between energy). Thinking energy can be divided into positive energy and negative energy. Although energy is essentially not divided into positive and negative, A large part of human energy radiates to the outside in the form of emotions. Emotion is a form of thought. Because thought has both positive and negative sides, thought determines the vibration frequency of energy. Positive thoughts have a high vibration frequency and produce positive energy, and negative thoughts have a low vibration frequency and produce negative energy. Positive energy generally corresponds to positive emotions, while negative energy corresponds to negative emotions.

Energy is the most essential factor that determines a person’s influence

Energy is the most essential factor that determines a person’s influence. Whether it is positive or negative energy, in a social activity, it is first generated by energy, and then the mind starts to write logically. In social activities, people with high energy can influence For other people, energy determines attractiveness and influence. The party with a high social positioning point is often the party with high energy, and value (here refers to the value in a broad sense) is actually the illusion created by the social system for the collective. From this perspective Above all, the mind is like a prison, limiting the energy that everyone can radiate from the true self.

The relationship between energy class and social class

Therefore, in this social system, most people’s energy is tied together with external matter. A person’s energy level is not too far from the social level he lives in. Under the control of the brain virus, he forgets his true self and identifies with this false ego infinitely.

The energy you feel when you strike up a conversation

When talking to each other, if you observe carefully, you can also observe the relationship of the energy field. When a person’s energy is relatively high, the other’s negative emotions, namely low-frequency energy, cannot affect him. For example, if you strike up a conversation and enter a state of flow, you will feel this way.

The role of the positive energy field

Usually, it is easy to get into this experience if you have a continuous conversation throughout the day. In this kind of experience, even if the other person gives you a bad reaction when you strike up a girl, you will not care. Because you are in a higher energy field than the opponent, even the opponent is more likely to be affected by you at this time. Therefore, the cause of internal energy determines the effect of external performance, but most people’s attention is on the mind and logic, ignoring the relationship of the energy field.

The role of negative energy fields

On the contrary, if a person’s energy is very low and his emotions are more negative, his effect of hitting up is very poor. A person with a lower energy field as a whole often feels that his life is unfortunate, even if he goes to hit up. In a state of high energy that is difficult to enter.

Energy and behavior do not match

From a macro perspective, the main decision to attract is a man’s behavior, potential communication, and social positioning. At the micro-level, it actually refers to energy.
Many people are unable to show correct behavior in front of women and communicate with attractive potential, often because the inner energy cannot match and drive behavior. There may be many reasons, such as you are restricted and restricted by your mind and social system, you It is relatively negative energy itself, (mind limitation can be broken through with methods-we will talk about this later). Today we will mainly talk about negative energy.

Causes of negative energy

In my 8 years of teaching experience, I have seen thousands of students, some of whom have occupations: doctors, civil servants, lawyers, etc. They belong to the elite group of society and possess high value in a broad sense, but they cannot attract Girls, these people are often restricted by the social system, limiting their attraction. On the other hand, because the social level is relatively low, and the value is relatively low in a broad sense, in this state of life, they often have a strong victim mentality and their own negative energy is very strong. In this case, even if they think No matter how much he understands, no matter how much he knows, his energy cannot match his behavior when he acts.

Energy is caused by interactions in all aspects of life

Therefore, for most people, energy is caused by interactions in all aspects of life. People with strong negative energy, whose living conditions are in a downward spiral, will naturally bring this negative energy into chatting up.
For example, I once met a student Liangliang in a certain period of on-site teaching. When he was 16 years old, because he broke up with a girl, the girl called two local bastards and severely injured him with a knife. I have been in the hospital for more than half a year, and my whole person has changed since I came out

Roots of the victim’s mentality

This bad experience is deeply rooted in his subconscious. He feels that he is a victim. The reason for his misfortune is due to external reasons. This kind of low-level belief will automatically make him feel negative about everything. Thoughts.
In one day, he approached nearly 100 people and no one wanted to stop and listen to him. This situation is also the first time I have ever met.

Performance of negative energy

Under normal circumstances, a beginner student, after our guidance, at least 2 of 10 people who strike up a conversation will stop and be willing to listen to him. Even a person who has never learned to strike up a conversation will go to the street to talk to a stranger, and others will not leave immediately when they see him, and they will not stop, wanting to hear what he says.
Once when he was approaching a girl, suddenly the girl’s male friend came over and asked him: What is this for? The other party did not show hostility, but Liangliang said: It’s your shit? The boy was instantly angered, and the boy wanted to hit him.

There will be resonance between people with negative energy

A person with strong negative energy emits a special magnetic field, which makes other people feel very uncomfortable. When encountering such a person, some people immediately do not want to interact with him or try to minimize contact. His energy field will reject people thousands of miles away. Some people will feel that they want to attack that person, so they will be rude to him, or attack him with words, sometimes even violently. This shows that between them, something resonates with the negative energy of that person.

People with strong negative energy often face conflict situations.

Therefore, people with strong negative energy often face conflict situations. Of course, sometimes they provoked themselves. But sometimes, they may really do nothing. The negative energy they emit is enough to incur hostility and conflict.
The reason for this behavior is that he always thinks about the people, things, and things he has experienced in negative and negative places. Therefore, thinking is also a kind of energy. When you think in negative places, it is actually In creating negative energy, a person with relatively strong negative energy tends to unconsciously think towards negative places, and even all kinds of negative thoughts fill his brain.

A person’s bad past experiences will be recorded by the subconscious mind

And a person’s bad past experiences will be recorded by the subconscious mind. In order to protect yourself, the subconscious mind will make you think negative thoughts when facing similar situations in life, allowing you to escape and avoid suffering. Most people are trapped in such mental prisons.
Therefore, a pick-up course that has been studied for a long time has no effect after learning various methods. The essential reason is that the inner energy does not match and is inconsistent with the outer behavior. Because women are essentially affected by your energy, the strength of the energy behind a behavior determines the strength of the behavior, not the behavior itself. This is something that most people cannot realize in practice.

So let’s summarize

Thinking comes first, then emotions. Thinking emotions are essentially energy. Negative thinking brings negative emotions and produces negative behavior. Even if your behavior is correct on the surface, but the thinking behind it is negative, your behavior will be the same. Your energy does not match, your emotional expression is inconsistent.
So, how to make yourself generate positive energy, how to avoid the negative conversion of energy in life, click on the lower right corner “good-looking”, more than 100 good-looking clicks, next time I have the opportunity to talk to everyone.

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首先,什么是能量?在讲能量前,我先要澄清几个普遍的误区:1、能量不等于情绪,但情绪属于能量的一部分 2、能量也不是什么类似气功玄幻的东西 3、能量不能和吸引划等号,但是能量是吸引的燃料

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