You are currently viewing Law of Attraction Secret Movie: how to strike up a conversation assimilate into life
Law of Attraction Secret Movie: how to strike up a conversation assimilate into life

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: how to strike up a conversation assimilate into life

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: how to strike up a conversation assimilate into life

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: Hello, everyone. This is the master of hitch-up TV. I am Dali. Today I am on Koh Larn Island in Thailand. When I see the natural scenery and beautiful scenery here, I can’t help but sigh in my heart that I want to chant a poem. And I know what to say. I took this opportunity also suddenly felt that I had some inspiration to share with everyone. Let’s share the process we will go through from a novice to an old driver. So I must talk about this one of my own. experience.

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: Preface

I first came into contact with this technique in 2012. At that time, because I felt very socially weak, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet girls, because I had left school and I was engaged in work, and then I felt that I was social The circle is getting smaller and smaller, and there is no more opportunity to show oneself.

Unlike in school when the social circle is relatively small, we have a lot of opportunities to get to know, for example, girls in the next class, or girls in a certain department, right? It is also within the scope, we can pass some sorority, or for example, I used to like some year-end performances at school, right?

It’s very possible to know some girls, but after I got out of society, I found that such opportunities were getting less and less. I started to get in touch with each other. When I first got in touch, and I liked this technique very much because I think He is so cool.

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: About me

You can meet a stranger in an unfamiliar environment, a strange street, and then go to find and understand the stories around him. This is equivalent to adding such a wonderful page to your life.

Especially I like traveling. I like to go to every place to strike up a conversation and meet different girls. or I may have been to Guangdong, I have been to northern China, and I have been to Sichuan. I have known girls there to understand and communicate with them, even Some interesting stories happened.

From their lives, I can extract a lot of help for me and my life.

Now, for me, it is not just a matter of picking up girls, but also for my life to learn and refine such a practice process, so here I want to bring newbies, what is the suggestion?

Law of Attraction Secret Movie: The right mindset of strike up a conversation

Then you must take the matter of striking up a conversation as part of your life. Don’t think that I’m going to the street to strike up a conversation. I’m starting to practice today. I walked to a certain shopping mall and started to strike up a conversation for an hour. This will actually be for you. Add a lot of restrictive beliefs.

It’s actually very simple to strike up a conversation. When you walk to a restaurant, suddenly I want to ask the clerk what’s delicious here, right? In other words, there is something fun near here, this is also achieved.

Strike up a conversation is a skill

Don’t underestimate such a skill. Many people actually can’t do it. They can’t get to know them with people in simple social situations and do something to get some useful information. They can’t even do the simplest things, So it comes from our life to strike up a conversation. It is not a seemingly challenging thing. So here is also a piece of advice for everyone. Don’t take it as your challenge, right?

It is not a challenge, it is your life, it is the most basic social ability, right?

But modern people are actually getting more and more missing. Here I also want to urge everyone to put down their social software and stop using social software to explore Momo. Some tools like Tinder will help you get to know girls because they will make you more and more. Laziness makes you have no motivation to execute and makes you feel trapped in an area and can’t get out. This is what we call the comfort zone, so you must break through the comfort zone, don’t limit your hands and feet, just start a conversation Beside us.

What is strike up a conversation

I know a new colleague, and this is to strike up a conversation. I went to a new place, I asked for directions, I went to mingle with the people there, and when I went to a hotel, they might be a youth hostel, right? If there is a group of people playing the guitar, you can get along with him. The people on the other side are playing Werewolf and enter their group. This is also a kind of chat. Ah, don’t be limited to me just walking on the street. I know a girl who collects a number. You will be accosted at any time and anywhere in your frame, ok, so step on your legs and cheer.

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但是现代人其实越来越缺失了,这里我也是要呼吁大家放下你们的社交软件,不要再去用社交软件探探陌陌, Tinder这样的一些工具去认识女生,因为她会让你越来越懒惰,让你没有执行动力,让你自己感觉就困在一个区域里面,没办法出去,这个就是我们所说的舒适区,所以你们一定要突破舒适区啊,不要限制住自己的手脚,搭讪就在我们身边。


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