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Mental Health Awareness: Strike up a conversation with her successful necessary for a healthy mindset

Mental health awareness 1: When I communicate with students, I often ask students this question. The answers from students are varied. Some said that they wanted to meet more women, some said that it was for excitement, and some said that they didn’t approve of it, but just saw other people start a conversation. When I met a good-looking lady, I was envious of it, so I went to strike up a conversation.

There are some people who have struck up a conversation for a long time, they will tell me, teacher, I think I’m getting more and more confused about the conversation, I don’t know what is the meaning of the conversation?


What is the meaning of hitting up a conversation?

Yes, what is the point of starting a conversation? If you don’t know the meaning of strike-up, you can’t establish a correct and positive belief at the beginning of strike-up. It is easy for you to forget your original intentions and gradually lose yourself in the subsequent practice process.

Our human brain is a very magical thing. It has a very sophisticated reward mechanism. If you do the same thing repeatedly, even if you have never done it before, gradually you will do it more and more proficiently, because your brain The cortex will establish new neuronal connections.

And when you get good feedback from your actions, your brain will give pleasant neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin to strengthen and encourage your behavior, just like exercising muscles, making your cerebral cortex change. Is getting stronger and stronger.

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Mental health awareness: What is the unhealthy mentality?

Mental Health Awareness: Strike up a conversation with her successfully necessary for a healthy mindset. And how to build a healthy mindset to strike up a conversation.

Conversely, if you get bad feedback, neurotransmitters will also hinder your behavior. So what determines that your behavior—“reaching up a conversation”, becomes more proficient and perfect?

It depends on: what you think.

The mentality you establish when you strike up directly determines whether your behavior can continue to develop. If you develop a bad and negative strike-up mentality, it is easy for you to be unable to stick to the conversation and eventually lose yourself.
So most of the answers I received from students are result-oriented, and the ultimate orientation of these results is often: sex. Sex is indeed a powerful stimulus. This stimulating experience will make the brain secrete many pleasant neurotransmitters, but if you build a conversation with the result of sex, it is wrong.
It’s not that you can’t get results, but if you keep thinking this way, it is definitely unhealthy and not positive.
If you want to get sexual stimulation and experience through chatting up, this is an unhealthy mentality.



First, because these results are not easy to control for novices, and there are many uncertain factors, in reality, it is easy to create pressure on yourself if you have such a mentality to strike up a conversation, and this pressure is manifested in every time you strike up a conversation. In the process, because every time you strike up a conversation, there is a very high possibility of failure.


Second, even if you succeed in striking up a conversation and get results, this pleasure is fleeting, and the sequelae brought by it are very serious because you will become a conversation for sex for the sake of results, by conquering women, Enhance your self-confidence, this is a very low self-esteem performance.

Mental health awareness: What are the consequences of starting a conversation with an unhealthy attitude?

The confidence you gain will only be based on your ego. This is not a true self-confidence. The self-confidence based on conquering the number of women is a pathologically low self-esteem self-confidence.
So this will only make you more stressful in the process of hitting up a conversation later, because you will want to prove your ability as a pick-up girl by hitting up a conversation. This is not a healthy mentality. This is not a normal person. People who are truly confident will have Mentality.
This will form a vicious circle, and this vicious circle will only increase the probability of your failure. As the number of failures increases, your fear will slowly grow, and finally you will not dare to start a conversation. At the end of the development, some people completely deny to strike up a conversation, or even scold it. This mentality is unhealthy and can even hurt yourself.
Even if you succeed, you will gradually lose yourself, and you will not get more and more precious things in the conversation.

Gold Medal Instructor of Hit Talk Club: Dasheng

What is a healthy mentality?

What is a healthy mentality? This is going back to our original intention of learning to strike up a conversation. Why on earth did you strike up a conversation?
If you feel that this issue does not require thinking, then please quickly change your mind and think about this issue seriously.
In my opinion, hitting up is a way to help me grow. In the process of practicing hitting up, I constantly improve my expressive skills. I find that I have insufficient communication in the process. Many unexpected things in hitting up have tempered me. Resilience. Every time, whether it is a success or a failure, I fully accept and maintain self-recognition. This greatly increases my self-confidence. In the process of talking with different strangers, I have met more types of people. And I learned part of their stories, which expanded my knowledge… and knowing more girls is just a bonus as I grow up.

Don’t pay too much attention to the result of the strike-up

Maybe you haven’t thought that accosting can also bring these gains. Perhaps in your experience, you have long discovered that accosting can bring more gains. Anyway, please continue to explore. When you explore in this way, You can discover endless wealth, but don’t pay too much attention to the success or failure of the chat.

Passion and sex are just by-products of your exploration process, not your ultimate goal.

Passion and sex are just by-products of your exploration process, they get it naturally, not your ultimate goal.
It’s like climbing a mountain. If your goal is to cross the hill in front of you, you will be very tired. Even if you are satisfied when you reach the top of the mountain, the next time you climb the mountain, it will not look easier. But if your goal is to get to the highest mountain in the distance, then when you come to the top of the highest mountain after all the hardships, look back and look at the scenery under the mountain. The hill you climbed in the past is like A small mound is not worth mentioning at all.
Therefore your vision determines your pattern. If your vision is too low, then you can only see the hills, not the highest mountain in the distance.

How to build a healthy mindset to strike up a conversation.

So every time you strike up a conversation, no matter whether the result is success or failure, it is just a small milestone in the Great Wall for you. For you, you can gain from it. If you can pay attention to your own gains every time, you The harvest will be more and more, and hitting up a conversation will become a certain thing for you-growth.
When you think about this step, your state will be more stable, and the feelings you show will be more mature. You can always bring your original mind, knowledge, and action together. This way, as your experience of hitting up a conversation increases, you will be more mature. The more you understand yourself, you will become stronger and stronger.

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