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strike up a conversation with her

Strike up a conversation with her about the core skills to succeed in a day

strike up a conversation with her your crush

Strike up a conversation with her: The first problem to be solved in a smooth conversation

Strike up a conversation with her: If you want the girl to stop during the day, continue to communicate with us, first of all, the question we have to solve is: What does the girl don’t like?

First, they don’t know why you appear here, (this will speak solutions in the film)

Second, they don’t know when you go, you are not the kind of man who has been wrapped around.

Because there are too many kinds of deliberate good men around you, I don’t dare to show my intentions, always wrapped with them, the girl has their own things in the street during the day, so they don’t want to meet such a man…

If you solve these two questions, you will be simple to open.

Strike up a conversation: The basic formula for hitting up during the day

Next is the basic formula for chatting up during the day:


Attention: get the girl’s basic attention

Background: Give the background of what she is doing and tell her what you are doing now

Intention: Why do you want to talk to her, express your intention, basically I like you to be attracted to you so I talk to you

Introduction: Shake hands and introduce yourself, start a conversation, and exchange

The main point here is that many people can’t open the girl, or they don’t get her attention, for example, you speak too softly, or use the wrong approach, she ignores your presence, or walks away without hearing you Up.

Or without showing the correct intention, the girl doesn’t know what you are doing, thinking you are a salesman or a strange person.

Self Amusement

If you add self-amusement when you strike up a conversation, the effect will be better.

When you have self-entertainment, some of your internal systems will start to operate.

Your body language, look in your eyes, and tone of voice will be different and full of sexuality.

The meaning of self-entertainment is: I enjoy my own fun in life, and then I share this fun with others.

When you have self-entertainment, this allows you to avoid certain negative emotions and thoughts.

But the premise is that self-entertainment must be used in conjunction with intentions. If only self-entertainment is used, it will often only look like mental retardation. But when it is combined with intent, a certain tension is created.

Turn on comfortable degree

The other core of meeting up during the day is opening comfort.

I have seen many students open the way on the spot, making the girls feel scared and want to escape from him.

Because they lack opening comfort:

For example, you have to keep a comfortable distance when opening.

Smile, speak slowly, control the rhythm of your voice.

Five seconds before the girls are hit up, they only think about whether this is a threat, a friendly person, or a potential partner when they see your brain.

So if you don’t want girls to think you are a threat, you have to stay open and comfortable.

If a girl walks quickly, then you should go where she can see you, hey, get her attention instead of approaching her behind her.

If a girl is sitting there, you should sit down after opening her. Don’t talk to her from a certain angle that despises her. This will give her strong social pressure.

In the process of chatting and communicating, you should create a fun and pleasant atmosphere, rather than let the other party force you to accept everything you say.

The second core that can increase the comfort of the opening is called the empathy statement. Its meaning is that you acknowledge and tell the current feelings of girls. This can reduce social pressure and is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence and social wisdom.

For example, when you open a girl who is chatting with a friend, you should say:

Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, brabrbara will start to tell your background and intentions.

Instead of talking directly to the target, completely ignore that she is talking to a friend.

Chinese translation 中文翻译


 柯老师chris 交际社 2019-04-16










背景 :给出她正在做什么的背景 告诉她你现在正在做什么

意图 :你为什么要和她讲话,表明你的意图,基本是我喜欢你被你所吸引所以跟你讲话

介绍 :握手自我介绍,开始开启一段谈话和交流





如果你在搭讪的时候再加入自娱自乐(self amusement) 那么效果就会更好







另一个在白天搭讪时的核心叫做 打开舒适度







如果一个女生走的很快,那么你应该走到她能看到你的位置,嗨,引起她注意 , 而不是在她后方接近她。





嘿 不好意思打断一下你的谈话,brabrbara再开始讲述你的背景和意图


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